He knows no fear!

Adopt Monkey for your next holiday

The OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website is please anounce our new ADOPT the wee monkey procedure.

Our wee monkey is a keen traveller, but he is only get three overseas holidays a year. We need your help to get our wee monkey cuddly toy travelling more.

With the increase in traffic to our website and the high number of followers we are attracting, we are now asking our followers to adopt our wee monkey for your next holiday. If you want to take our wee monkey with you on your next holiday wherever that may be, then please contact our offices at our usual office email. In your email please say where you intend to take our wee monkey to and why. We will then put you through our vetting procedures which includes four character references, a financial credit rating check, a criminal background check, and finally a check of the sex offenders list. If you are found to be a ex-convict or a peodophile then we will not release our wee cuddly toy to your care. If you pass our vetting then we will post the monkey to you by first class postage service and all we ask from you is to take photographs of our wee monkey on your travels wherever that may be. Please post the cuddly toy back to us after the holiday or else!

Thank you.

The webmaster team


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