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My travels to Thailand 2010 – part 3

After the riots, I was going to spend a day visiting the old capital Ayutthaya which is 85 km north of Bangkok.

I caught a tour minibus from Khao San Road and was joined by ten other travellers for the day. They were mostly kiwis and aussies. I was the only cuddly toy on the tour bus and as such became the focus of the group because I was different. One of the aussies almost sat on me on the tour bus, he was massive compared to me.

Our first temple was Wat Phu Khao Thong just outside Ayutthaya.

The first temple on the tour was Wat Phu Khao Thong.

I was to visit this temple again in October 2011 during the floods. This temple was mostly flooded then.

This temple was just outside Ayutthaya.

This temple was our first stop and we spent some twenty minutes here.

This temple got flooded in the floods last year.

The top of the temple.

After another ten minutes on the bus, we made it to Ayutthaya Historical Park.

This reclining buddha was very clean and had newly golden cloth on it.

The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

A young Thai girl prints gold stickers onto the buddha.

Ayutthaya was founded by King Ramathibodi I in 1350 and was the capital of the country until its destruction by the Burmese army in 1767.

The city has ten of thousands of Buddha statues.

Student monks on their way to school.

Buddhas were everywhere on show.

Hundreds of buddhas just in this one temple.

With so many temples it is easy to see why this is a World Heritage Site.

I was enjoying the day tour trip.

About midday the tour bus took us to a restaurant for dinner.

I was hungry after the day sightseeing.

The other travellers helped me out of the minibus and the big muscles aussie man cut up my dinner for me.

The 20 metre reclining buddha.

The reclining buddha in Ayutthaya Historic Park.

The feet of the reclining buddha.

After see the reclining buddha, we went to Wat Mahathat.

Here is the famous detached buddha head entangled in roots.

The head of Buddha in Wat Mahathat.

It rises a few centimeters each year due to growth of the roots.

The city of Ayutthaya lays in ruins after the Burmese destruction in 1767.

The old royal palace in Ayutthaya.

I was out of breath climbing these stairs.

I wanted to get to the top of this staircase.

I was praying for strength and guidence.

I prayed for good karma and luck.

These statues had their heads stolen by thieves.

Admiring this statue.

I was praying at this Buddha statue.

Getting myself blessed at a temple shrine.

The next day I was going to do some scuba diving.

To be continued….

For more information on Ayutthaya Historical Park please visit:


Details of my trip to Ayutthaya in 2011 is here: https://britisharmysgtmonkey.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/my-travels-in-thailand-2011/


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