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My trip to Malta and Gozo 2012 – part 1

Last month I went to the Island of Gozo in Malta for a two weeks sunshine holiday.

I am now going to share my photographs with you all.

I did loads of sunbathing, sightseeing, scuba diving and drinking.

The Flag of Malta has the George Cross woven on to it.

The Flag of Malta has the George Cross woven on to it to highlight the courage of the Maltese people standing up against German and Italian bombings in WW2. The George Cross was awarded to Malta in a letter dated 15th April 1942 from King George VI to the island’s Governor.

“To honour her brave people, I award the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history.”

Coming in to land in Malta.

I had to fly to Malta first and then take the ferry to get to Gozo.

Taking the ferry to the Island of Gozo.

Gozo is a smaller island just to the north of Malta which is in the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo is more rural than Malta and is known for its scenic hills and countryside. It is a lot quieter than Malta itself which is popular with package tourists. Gozo itself has a population of around 31,000 people compared with 402,000 of Malta.

My home for two weeks was a self-catering appartment in the lovely fishing village of Xlendi.

This lovely fishing village was my home for two weeks.

Xlendi was a small village on the west side of Gozo. It is famous for its scuba diving and I was looking forward to getting my wee cotton fur wet.

The harbour of Xlendi has traditional Maltese fishing boats.

Xlendi village escapes the impact of mass tourism that ruins many resorts in the Mediterranean Sea.

The village of Xlendi does not have massive package tourists hotels.

I was eager to get to the pool side for some sunbathing.

I was glad that I had my headphones with me on this trip.

The appartment that I had rented out had it own swimming pool.

It was very hot here in Gozo.

Please read my safe sunbathing guidelines in my previous blog here:


The sun sets over Xlendi.

Tomorrow I was going to do some sightseeing on Gozo.

To be continued….

For more information about Malta and Gozo please visit:






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