He knows no fear!

Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 1

It is only ten days to the London 2012 Olympics.

As you may know, I had been selected by Team GB to represent Great Britain in the London 2012 Olympics.

I am representing my country in the “Extra Super Skinny Lightweight” weightlifting event.

I hope to win this event by lifting 1.5kgs. That is six times my own body weight. But, I am confident that I will be able to lift this weight and to win the Olympic Gold Medal.

I was selected by Team GB because I had lifted weights before in previous tournament when I was in the army. My personal best is lifting 1.25 kgs. That is better than what any Para can lift and double what the Royal Marines can lift.

Me admiring my winning trophies.

I have ten days to prepare myself for the games that starts next week.

I am somewhat concern by the lack of security at the games. But I don’t need G4S to protect me from terrorists as I know Karate.

A professional athlete not only trains in the gym at 5am each day but also eat a special diet consisting of raw eggs for the extra protein. I have decided to eat six raw eggs a day from now till the games.

My special athletic diet consist of six raw eggs a day.

I might change my diet slightly by adding a curry sauce over my eggs for extra flavoring.

I went to the spare bedroom which will become my training gym for the next ten days.

About to lift 1.5 kgs.

I was going to use the Clean and Jerk method for lifting my weights.

It was just too heavy for me and I fell over.

With the weights on top of me, I couldn’t get up!

I was stuck!!!

I was stuck and I had to wait for my Auntie to come home from work to help me up.

I had failed and I failed big time. But I still got nine more training days to get myself up to Olympic standard and to win that medal for my country.

To be continued….

For more information on the London 2012 Olympics please visit:



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