He knows no fear!

Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 2

Today I was busy in the spare bedroom which has been converted into my Olympic Games training gym.

However this morning, officials from the UK Anti-Doping Agency came to my doorstep in an unannounced surprise visit.

Obviously they were here to check that I was not taking any performance cheating drugs. As you guys know, I am a honest wee little monkey and I am not a cheater. Only idiots use drugs.

But rules are rules and the agency officials wanted my wee wee sample. So I went to the bathroom to produce my wee wee sample.

Having a wee wee….

Well the agency officials then tested my wee wee sample for any illegal drugs.

My wee wee sample under investigation!

I got the all clear and I carried on with my training. It is only nine days untill the Olympics.

To be continued….

For more information on the UK Anti-Doping agency please visit:



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