He knows no fear!

Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 4

Tomorrow I fly to London and to check into the Olympics Village which will be my home for the duration of the games.

I am so proud to serve my country and to represent Team GB in the weightlifting event.

Today, my trainer wanted me to run the back garden lap ten times. Each lap of the back garden is 10 metres. So that was 100 metres that I was to run today, which is a lot for a cuddly toy that is only 30 cms tall.

I knew I could do this run.

Each lap of this feared dreaded course is a staggering 10 metres.

I knew I could do this course.

I made good speed.

Years of army service had made me super fit.

I ran around the first corner.

I made it around the second corner of the circuit.

I was half way around the first lap of the training track.

I was getting tired as I ran towards the third corner.

Almost there….

On the final leg of the first lap, I began to stagger and I accidently ran into the rose bush. My auntie wasn’t happy having her flowers trampled on.

Staggering around the course.

I completed the first lap but I couldn’t go on anymore for the next lap.

I was knackered after the last lap and I collapsed onto the lawn.

I staggered onto the lawn and fell to the ground. My trainer wasn’t happy.

The Team GB medical officer had to give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

With three days to go to the Olympic Games, I still had a lot of training to do if I am to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

To be continued….


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