He knows no fear!

Monkey at the the London 2012 Olympics

Today was the final of the “Extra Super Skinny Lightweight” weightlifting contest.

I was representing Team GB in this event.

As the only cuddly toy entering the Olympics this year, I had no opponents! To win the Gold Medal, I just had to lift the 1.5 kgs weight.

With a week of intense training, I was confident that I could lift the 1.5 kgs weight and take the Olympic Gold Medal.

I was ready…. and on live TV.

The whole country was watching me.

I was about to lift this weight for the Olympic Gold Medal.

I gave my best but my best wasn’t good enough as I dropped the weights.

I dropped the weights!

The weights landed on top of my wee head.

I was hurt!

The Team GB vet assessed the bump to my head and sent me to bed to recover.

Poor monkey!

I was given a damp cloth to ease my bruise.

My Olympic dream was over – I failed!

On twitter I wrote to my fans:

“I came to the Olympics with all I had but my best was not enough. I am sorry to let you all down.”

– The End –


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