He knows no fear!

The OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website one year anniversary celebrations

On Saturday 4th August 2012 – the OFFICAL Sgt. Monkey website became one year old. YES we kept the website in business for one year.

In the website we told you of our wee cuddly toy monkey adventures travelling the world, fighting for Queen and country, his Olympic Games dream, his political party campaign, his illness and his numerous sex scandals.

Over 16000 of you had log into our website to read our gossip and 43 of you are following our website via email.

Many of you have commented on our wee cuddly toy activities and those who gave bad comments had been executed by our complaints investigation team.

We had competitions and some of you had won amazing prizes.

Our wee cuddly toy was partying on Saturday night at the website offices.

Getting drunk….

The monkey got blind drunk and tried to pull our office secretary before vomiting in the back garden.

Monkey was sick in the garden….

Our wee monkey then spent the rest of the weekend in bed hungover. He failed to show up for work on Monday morning much to the annoyance of the Sergeant Major.

However, our wee monkey did say to us this morning that he thank all his fans who follows his website and he hopes that we will still have enough funds left to keep this website up and running for another twelve months.

The webmaster team


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