He knows no fear!

My kayaking trip to North Berwick in Scotland

Today I went sea kayaking around the coast of North Berwick in Scotland. North Berwick is a little fishing village off East Lothian near Edinburgh. It is popular with day trippers and tourists from Edinburgh as North Berwick is famous for its sealife and seabirds. Close to North Berwick in the Firth of Forth are many little islands including Bass Rock, Fidra, The Lamb and Craigleith. Each of these islands are famous for seabirds. Bass rock being the most famous for the largest colony of Gannets anywhere in the world whilst Craigleith is famous for it colony of Puffins. It is therefore understandable why so many people go to North Berwick for sea kayaking and I was going to paddle in my own large adult size kayak – I am only 30cms tall. My auntie was guiding me around the islands, she is very assertive when it comes to leadership and she does scare me at times.

Me in North Berwick looking across the beach towards Bass Rock.

Our trip was to start in North Berwick.

North Berwick was a wee nice little seaside town.

I was excited getting my own adult size kayak for the day. However, none of the spraydecks and buoyancy aids fitted me because of my wee size.

Our group consists of four adults and me!

It is recommended to wear a bouyancy aid when kayaking unlike me in this photograph. How naughty of me but you all know me, I am a daring cuddly toy willing to take risks.

The kayak was big but I was able to cope with my paddling.

I couldn’t keep up with the adults.

The others were leaving poor wee me behind!

We soon reached Fidra island and we were going to stop here for lunch.

The island is now an RSPB reserve for seabirds protection.

We stopped for lunch here and the island had a lot of bird poop everywhere. After lunch we headed back to North Berwick.

I was getting the hand of my paddle strokes.

North Berwick was 4 miles from Fidra island.

After six hours on the water we returned back to dry land.

I was knackered and my wee cotton fur was soaking so my auntie hung me out to dry on the washing line in the back garden.

For more information on North Berwick please visit:



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