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Scotland Referendum: Yes, No or a Maybe?

Today, the muppet clown Prime Minister David Cameron and the King of Scotland Alex Salmond had agreed on the referendum terms on Scotland independance.

This could led to breakup of the Unitied Kingdom as we know it!

The Scottish Government intends to hold a referendum to the Scottish people on the issue of independence from the United Kingdom in the autumn of 2014. The Monkey Party has spoken before about this important issue for the electorates. However, we at the Monkey Party (which is the fastest growing political party in the UK) will now repeat our views on the intended referendum. We hope that you will understand our view and side with the Monkey Party at the referendum.

We at the Monkey Party will never back a rival political party and therefore we will not form an alliance with any other political party. We do not support the SNP on a “yes” vote nor do we support the Conservatives on a “no” vote instead we at the Monkey Party asks all voters to vote “maybe” at the referendum.

The truth is we politicians don’t know what we are doing! So we are supporting a “maybe” vote!

The Monkey Party takes this issue very seriously! We have carefully examined the facts and decided that “maybe” is the way forward!

We ask all our supporters to vote “maybe” on this important referendum.

Thank you and please vote “maybe” in 2014.

MAYBE is the way forward for Scotland!

The Monkey Party Secretary


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