He knows no fear!

Scotland Referendum: The Crazy Debate!

As you all know, Scotland will vote for it independance from the ruthless English in 2014.

We at the Monkey Party take this referendum seriously.

Putting trust back into Parliament

The two political leaders of this referendum is the Prime Minister David “call me Dave” Cameron and the pretend King of Scotland Alex Salmond.

Our silly Prime Minister David Cameron represents the “no” campaign.

Whilst the pretend King of Scotland Alex Salmond represents the “yes” campaign.

We at the Monkey party believe that the two rivals should fight it out in a battle to the death – a duel to decide on what policys to follow. We will call for this duel to be fought in the Hunger Games arena.

The arena that the two idiots will fight to the death.

The match will be a test of courage and honor. The most deserving honourable politician will win the bout and thus decides on the fate of Scotland.


Both David Cameron and Alex Salmond are tyrants!!! YES TYRANTS!

Thus we at the Monkey Party believes that whoever wins the referendum vote and/or duel to the death will bring destruction to the people of Scotland.

Therefore we at the Monkey Party cannot support either political leader in the referendum because we believe that whoever wins – it will be bad news for the good people of Scotland.

This is the reason why they are both TYRANTS!

If our Prime Minister David Cameron wins the referendum then he will rule Scotland with an iron fist with a dictatorship English government.

David Cameron paramilitary police will crack down on all Scottish resistance.

The border to England will become the new iron curtain if David Cameron wins the referendum.

Resistance will be futile.

We cannot allow this to happen.

BUT what if Alex Salmond win the referendum. He too is a tyrant!

He will self proclaim himself as the King of Scotland and will rule his Kingdom with an iron fist.

King Salmond will be ruthless after he has been crown King of Scotland.

King Salmond will crush any uprising of his Scottish subjects.

Noone will be safe if King Salmond wins the referendum.

We cannot allow this to happen.

It is vital that you do not vote either “yes” or “no” in the Scottish independance referendum. That is why we at the Monkey Party believes that the “maybe” vote is the best vote for the people of Scotland.

This is the reason why: If you vote “maybe” then NOTHING will happen! Absolutely nothing!

We at the Monkey Party believe that the best politician will be the one that keeps his/her mouth shut and not do anything!

This has been proven to be true many times over in the last sixty years of British politics.

Each time a politican leader makes a decision or speaks his/her mind – the result has been mayhem!

That is why we at the Monkey Party believes that a “maybe” vote is the best option for the people of Scotland in the referendum.

Our wee monkey was out on the streets of Edinburgh today campaigning.

PLEASE vote “maybe” in 2014 and don’t let either Cameron or Salmond win.

Scotland the land where real men don’t wear underpants.

Please cast your vote in our poll below:


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