He knows no fear!

Competition – Where’s Monkey?

Well tonight was the deadline for all the entries in our current “Where’s Monkey?” competition and the judges was busy sifting through all the entries for the competition winner.

Before we announce the winner, we will tell you the answer to the current “Where’s Monkey?” photograph.

Our wee monkey is at the top of the world – but where is he?

We can now tell you, where is our wee monkey!


Our wee monkey was at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Read about our wee monkey adventures in Nepal here:


Congratulations to all of those with the correct answer.

The winner is….



no one!

As no one bothered to enter the competition.

You know, we had run five of these “Where’s Monkey?” competitions over the past year and we had only had one entry. Why? We are giving away great prizes.

So we are changing the format of this competition to get more people entering the competition. We will no longer offer the competition as such but instead we will offer the “Where’s Monkey?” as a poll and you vote for the right answer.

So for our first ever “Where’s Monkey?” poll we will begin with this photo:

It is a dry barren landscape but where is our wee monkey?

Now you have to vote for where you think our wee monkey is:

Please vote and the judges will reveal the answer on December 31st 2012.

Good luck in your voting.

The webmaster team

N.B. A clue to the place and country of this photograph can be found on one of our wee monkey previous travel blogs.


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