He knows no fear!

Poll – Where’s Monkey?

Today was the deadline for the Where’s Monkey poll so now we will reveal the answer to the photograph.

I arrived at the Team GB hotel.

Monkey was proud to serve his country but where was he?

We can now reveal the answer to our reader’s poll.

It wasn’t T in the Park or his birthday celebrations. It was in fact the Team GB hotel at the London 2012 Olympics.

Read about our wee monkey adventures in the 2012 Olympics here:


Congratulations to all of those with the correct answer. One of you successfully guessed the correct answer. Please contact our webmaster on our usual webmaster email to claim your prize which is a signed photograph of our wee monkey personally signed by our wee monkey. We will email the photograph to you.

Our next readers poll is here:

Admiring the view from the summit.

Monkey is on the highest mountain of Britain but where is he?

Now you have to vote for where you think our wee monkey is:

Please vote and the judges will reveal the answer on April 30th 2013.

Good luck in your voting.

The webmaster team

N.B. A clue to the place and country of this photograph can be found on one of our wee monkey previous travel blogs.


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