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Scotland Referendum: The Case for a Maybe Vote!

As you all know, Scotland will vote for it independance from the ruthless English thugs later on this year.

This could led to breakup of the Unitied Kingdom as we know it!

We at the Monkey Party take this referendum seriously and we are running the “maybe” campaign.

Putting trust back into Parliament

The public supports the Monkey Party.

We do not support the “yes” campaign led by the pretend King of Scotland Alex Salmond nor do we support the “no” campaign led by the muppet clown David Cameron. The Monkey Party is a political party of principles and we will NEVER form a coalition with an enemy political party as we will NEVER betray our supporters (UNLIKE THE LIB DEMS). Even if we agree with the policys of rival political partys we will never support that policy because it comes from our rivals and not from our own mouths. That is why we are running the case for a “MAYBE” vote at the referendum as we do not back the yes or the no vote.

We at the Monkey Party believe that the “maybe” vote is the best option for the people of Scotland as a vote for either David Cameron “no” vote or the King of Scotland “yes” vote is a vote for tyrants.

The two tyrants who want to rule YOUR life!

The two tyrants who want to rule YOUR life!

YOU ARE FREE PEOPLE – do not vote for a tyrant.

If you vote either “yes” or “no” in the referendum then you are voting for the ruling elite to rule over your LIFE!

BE FREE – do not let a politican rule and ruin your life.

Make your own decisions and live life the way you want to lead it – DONT let others make decisions for you.

If the referendum results with a “MAYBE” results then no one will have won the vote and thus noone will be place in charge of Scotland. The country will be leaderless.

IMAGINE a Scotland without a leader – you will be free to do anything you want (except murder).

THINK of a country without a government! You will be free from rules and laws and more important you will have no tax liabilities. You earn the money so keep it, don’t give your hard earnings to the tryants.

We at the Monkey Party believe that the best politician will be the one that keeps his/her mouth shut and not do anything! SO DON’T vote any such creeps into power. Imagine a country without politicians – there will be no WAR, no DEBT and no TONY BLAIR!

Politicians always screw up! This has been proven to be true many times over in the last sixty years of British politics. So don’t vote for them. Scotland does not need Cameron or King Salmond in power.

The Prime Minister with his referendum chief advisor.

The Prime Minister with his referendum chief advisor.

Each time a politican leader makes a decision or speaks his/her mind – the result has been mayhem! Wars are started, tax goes up and stock markets collapse.

THAT is why you must vote neither “yes” or “no”.

The Electoral Commission has now printed the OFFICAL ballot paper for the referendum. Below is a copy of the ballot paper – as you can see the “MAYBE” vote is the third box down. For those Scots who don’t speak Scottish the Scottish word for maybe is mibbe.

The ballot paper for the referendum.

The ballot paper for the referendum.

We have carefully examined the facts and decided that “maybe” is the way forward!

We ask all our supporters to vote “maybe” on this important referendum.

Thank you and please vote “maybe” in 2014.

MAYBE is the way forward for Scotland!

The Monkey Party Secretary

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