He knows no fear!

Scotland Referendum: You Decide!

The leader of the Monkey Party appeal to all his supporters NOT to vote either YES or NO.

A vote for YES or NO is a vote to put a tyrant into power.

Be FREE and vote for noone to rule over your life.

Instead vote MAYBE!

It is vital that you do not vote either “yes” or “no” in the Scottish independance referendum. That is why we at the Monkey Party believes that the “maybe” vote is the best vote for the people of Scotland.

This is the reason why: If you vote “maybe” then NOTHING will happen! Absolutely nothing!

We at the Monkey Party believe that the best politician will be the one that keeps his/her mouth shut and not do anything!

This has been proven to be true many times over in the last sixty years of British politics.

Each time a politican leader makes a decision or speaks his/her mind – the result has been mayhem!

That is why we at the Monkey Party believes that a “maybe” vote is the best option for the people of Scotland in the referendum.

Our wee monkey was out on the streets of Edinburgh today campaigning.

PLEASE vote “maybe” today and don’t let either Cameron or Salmond win.

Scotland the land where real men don’t wear underpants.

The decision is yours….

….and remember put a “MAYBE” sticker onto a bus stop shelter today as we can’t debate our policys!

The Monkey Party Secretary

Please cast your vote in our poll below:


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