He knows no fear!

Monkey’s Christmas speech 2014

The webmaster team are please to announce the OFFICAL MONKEY CHRISTMAS SPEECH:

Monkey wish everyone a very merry Christmas 2014.

Monkey wish everyone a very merry Christmas 2014.

“Hello and merry Christmas everyone.

2014 was the year that WW3 almost broke out between the west and Russia. With war looming we must not worry and just think of the ones that we love this Christmas, that is what really matters. We must also love our neighbours as the bible say so. So please make love to them also as well as your wife. Remember to use a condom as unprotected sex can increase the chance of catching Ebola and the seasonal winter flu. I also ask all my British fans to consider the General Elections next May and remember that you don’t need anyone to tell you how to live your own life so please don’t vote for any ratface turd and just make your own decisions without anyone from Westminister make decisions for you. Also remember do not drink drive this Christmas as only men with small willys drink drive as they are losers. Thank you for listening and merry Christmas everyone – Sgt. Monkey.”


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