He knows no fear!

The Monkey Party General Election Campaign 2015 – part 3

Today is day 3 of our election campaign. The people of Britain are listening to the cuddly toy of reason.


We know your suffering under the rule of corrupt government. They work for the banks and corporations and not YOU! Our prime minister is a puppet for the central banks cartel and the military industrial complex that insists on perpetual war of aggression against third world countries.

Today our wee monkey announce his policy on abolishment of our national debt!

Our national debt has increased in the last five years.

Our national debt has increased in the last five years.

As of Q4 2014 UK government debt amounted to £1.51 trillion, or 88.1% of total GDP, at which time the annual cost of servicing (paying the interest) the public debt amounted to around £43bn, or roughly 3% of GDP.

Our Prime Minister hang his head in shame over our national debt.

Our Prime Minister hang his head in shame over our national debt.

YES it can be done. We can wipe out the national debt by simpily dragging it to the recycle bin on the PC desktop. Then we will select “empty recycle bin” and that is it. Our national debt gone for good.

So we will be able to build more hospitals and school as we have no debt and no interest to service.

How is this possible? Simple, new money is printed as debt under the fractional reserve banking system that we have. It is fiat money and the money is not backed by a commodity. Our money is no longer backed by gold standard and have not been for decades. Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971.

Since 1971 the dollar has lost value against gold.

Since 1971 the dollar has lost value against gold.

President Nixon sold us to the central banks cartel.

It has all gone pair shape since 1971.

It has all gone pair shape since 1971.

And you can blame this man….

What a fool!

What a fool!

Since the US dollar is the world reserve currancy then what happens to the dollar affects the pound. It is all pretend money. The debt is not real. It is just all a set of figures on a computer screen. Since the money is not real, then surely to cancel the debt you only have to erase it on a computer screen.

So let us put the national debt into the recycle bin.

We will bring in a new currency and we will call it the COCO. We will adopt the COCO currency. The British Pound is riddled with dept and has lost 66% of it value over the last 30 years due to inflation. However, the COCO which is linked to the coconut reserves of Borneo is a stable currency. It is not based on fractional banking where new money is created as debt thus existing money devalues as new debt is created. Oh no, the COCO is not a fractional banking currency, it is based on a real commodity that is the coconut reserves of Borneo. If we run out of COCOS, we simply plant more coconut trees.

The COCO currency.

The COCO currency.

With us adopting the COCO as our currency, we will be free of the debt crisies of Europe. The COCO each weighing 1kg each will solve our pickpockers crime wave. With each COCO so bloody heavy, pickpockers yobs will no longer be able to run away so easily after doing their bad deeds. So you be able to catch the little devils and duff them up with your baseball bat.

In summary – we will delete the national debt by dragging it to the recycle bin and we will bring in a proper currency based upon a commodity called the COCO.

VOTE the MONKEY Party on May 7th and make the dream come true.

Remember to tell your friend’s about the Monkey Party.

If you would like to volunteer to help the Monkey Party campaign with door to door canvassing then please email our webmaster on our usual email. Thank you.

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For more information about fractional banking reserve system please visit:


The Monkey Party secretary


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