He knows no fear!

Sgt Monkey retirement

It is with sad news to announce that Sgt Monkey has retired from the British Army.

Our wee cuddly toy has served the Queen and country for over twenty years and has earnt a chestful of medals.

The simple truth is that our wee monkey can no longer climb over the 12 ft wall on the obstacle course.

Monkey in his uniform.

Monkey in his uniform.

From now on, we will call our wee cuddly toy monkey Mr Monkey. We will still call this website the Sgt Monkey website as it is too complicated to change the name of our website.

We ask all of our monkey fans to address monkey as Mr Monkey from now on when sending him an email or when putting a comment on to the blog.

Our wee cuddly toy has decided to go into the porn industry as a filmmaker. Our next door neighbours has agreed to help him as the cast for his first movie to be titled “What goes on upstairs?”

The movie is expected to be release on YouTube this coming winter.

We wish our wee cuddly toy all the best in his new chosen career.

– The webmaster team –


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