He knows no fear!


The need for speed!

Today I am going to talk about my addiction to speed… yes speed!

Two years ago, Uncle P. got me a pedal bike. Whilst I appreciate the bicycle… at my height of 30cms and the bike having a 26″ frame… I am not at ease cycling to work each morning!

Me on my adult size bike!

So with a pedal bike that is too big for my comfort what is a poor wee little monkey suppose to do?

Well… after speaking to my mates at the local “Hells Angels” bar… it was suggested that I should get a motorbike… but with my short height it was decided that I should get a Quad bike as so I would not be falling off so often!

So after saving my weekly pocket money that I get off Uncle P. each week I got myself a Quad bike!

My sexy baby!

Here is my seexxxyyyy beast…. the Viper EXL ST. 150 all terrain model…. whooo hoo… yeah babbbyyyy!

See this link for my bike specifications…. http://www.atvworld.com/e-ton/exl150/exl150.html

The Viper EXL ST. 150 has a powerful air forced and oil-cooled 4-stroke engine *HOT FLUSHES* , C.D.I ignition and C.V.T transmission with reverse *HUFF HUFFF WOOHOOO* . With front and back adjustable shocks and electric start as standard *I NEED TO SIT DOWN – TOOOO MUCH EXCITMENT*.

Sitting on this machine, I can feel my penis getting bigger.

Posing next to my quad…

This is me posing next to my Quad….. impressive…. eh? I was taking my Quad for an off road whizz  in Cyprus. It was so dusty and I needed a bath afterwards… so Auntie L. helped me out with the bath *BLUSHS*, she scrubed my back!