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Poll – Where’s Monkey?

Today was the deadline for the Where’s Monkey poll so now we will reveal the answer to the photograph.

I arrived at the Team GB hotel.

Monkey was proud to serve his country but where was he?

We can now reveal the answer to our reader’s poll.

It wasn’t T in the Park or his birthday celebrations. It was in fact the Team GB hotel at the London 2012 Olympics.

Read about our wee monkey adventures in the 2012 Olympics here:


Congratulations to all of those with the correct answer. One of you successfully guessed the correct answer. Please contact our webmaster on our usual webmaster email to claim your prize which is a signed photograph of our wee monkey personally signed by our wee monkey. We will email the photograph to you.

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Admiring the view from the summit.

Monkey is on the highest mountain of Britain but where is he?

Now you have to vote for where you think our wee monkey is:

Please vote and the judges will reveal the answer on April 30th 2013.

Good luck in your voting.

The webmaster team

N.B. A clue to the place and country of this photograph can be found on one of our wee monkey previous travel blogs.


Monkey at the the London 2012 Olympics

Today was the final of the “Extra Super Skinny Lightweight” weightlifting contest.

I was representing Team GB in this event.

As the only cuddly toy entering the Olympics this year, I had no opponents! To win the Gold Medal, I just had to lift the 1.5 kgs weight.

With a week of intense training, I was confident that I could lift the 1.5 kgs weight and take the Olympic Gold Medal.

I was ready…. and on live TV.

The whole country was watching me.

I was about to lift this weight for the Olympic Gold Medal.

I gave my best but my best wasn’t good enough as I dropped the weights.

I dropped the weights!

The weights landed on top of my wee head.

I was hurt!

The Team GB vet assessed the bump to my head and sent me to bed to recover.

Poor monkey!

I was given a damp cloth to ease my bruise.

My Olympic dream was over – I failed!

On twitter I wrote to my fans:

“I came to the Olympics with all I had but my best was not enough. I am sorry to let you all down.”

– The End –

Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 5

My training was over and I was ready for the games. The London 2012 Olympics starts tomorrow!

Today, I flew with Team GB to London and to check into my accommodation at the Olympic Village. I was excited to represent my country.

This photograph is me checking into Team GB accommodation area:

I arrived at the Team GB hotel.

Can I win the Olympic Gold Medal for my country?

To be continued….

Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 4

Tomorrow I fly to London and to check into the Olympics Village which will be my home for the duration of the games.

I am so proud to serve my country and to represent Team GB in the weightlifting event.

Today, my trainer wanted me to run the back garden lap ten times. Each lap of the back garden is 10 metres. So that was 100 metres that I was to run today, which is a lot for a cuddly toy that is only 30 cms tall.

I knew I could do this run.

Each lap of this feared dreaded course is a staggering 10 metres.

I knew I could do this course.

I made good speed.

Years of army service had made me super fit.

I ran around the first corner.

I made it around the second corner of the circuit.

I was half way around the first lap of the training track.

I was getting tired as I ran towards the third corner.

Almost there….

On the final leg of the first lap, I began to stagger and I accidently ran into the rose bush. My auntie wasn’t happy having her flowers trampled on.

Staggering around the course.

I completed the first lap but I couldn’t go on anymore for the next lap.

I was knackered after the last lap and I collapsed onto the lawn.

I staggered onto the lawn and fell to the ground. My trainer wasn’t happy.

The Team GB medical officer had to give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

With three days to go to the Olympic Games, I still had a lot of training to do if I am to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

To be continued….

Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 3

With six days to go till the Olympics I was pacing up my training for the weightlifting contest.

Today I was issued my OFFICIAL Team GB uniform. Unfortunately, the unform did not fit me as I am too small. But the issued lapel pin I was able to pin to my hairy chest – it did hurt a wee bit.

This is my OFFICAL Team GB photograph:

This is my OFFICAL Team GB profile photograph.

This photograph is my OFFICAL Team GB lapel pin:

Me proudly showing off my OFFICAL Team GB lapel pin.

I was eager to lift 1.5 kgs in my training gym this afternoon and I decided to use the “Snatch” method for lifting my weights as I fell over in my last training session using the “Clean and Jerk” technique.

I was ready for this:

I was confident that I could lift it this time!

But, I fell flat onto my face!!!

I think I broke my nose!

With six days to go, I must get myself up to standard if I am to win the Olympic Gold Medal. Can I do it?

To be continued….

For more information on Team GB please visit:


Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 2

Today I was busy in the spare bedroom which has been converted into my Olympic Games training gym.

However this morning, officials from the UK Anti-Doping Agency came to my doorstep in an unannounced surprise visit.

Obviously they were here to check that I was not taking any performance cheating drugs. As you guys know, I am a honest wee little monkey and I am not a cheater. Only idiots use drugs.

But rules are rules and the agency officials wanted my wee wee sample. So I went to the bathroom to produce my wee wee sample.

Having a wee wee….

Well the agency officials then tested my wee wee sample for any illegal drugs.

My wee wee sample under investigation!

I got the all clear and I carried on with my training. It is only nine days untill the Olympics.

To be continued….

For more information on the UK Anti-Doping agency please visit:


Training for the London 2012 Olympics – part 1

It is only ten days to the London 2012 Olympics.

As you may know, I had been selected by Team GB to represent Great Britain in the London 2012 Olympics.

I am representing my country in the “Extra Super Skinny Lightweight” weightlifting event.

I hope to win this event by lifting 1.5kgs. That is six times my own body weight. But, I am confident that I will be able to lift this weight and to win the Olympic Gold Medal.

I was selected by Team GB because I had lifted weights before in previous tournament when I was in the army. My personal best is lifting 1.25 kgs. That is better than what any Para can lift and double what the Royal Marines can lift.

Me admiring my winning trophies.

I have ten days to prepare myself for the games that starts next week.

I am somewhat concern by the lack of security at the games. But I don’t need G4S to protect me from terrorists as I know Karate.

A professional athlete not only trains in the gym at 5am each day but also eat a special diet consisting of raw eggs for the extra protein. I have decided to eat six raw eggs a day from now till the games.

My special athletic diet consist of six raw eggs a day.

I might change my diet slightly by adding a curry sauce over my eggs for extra flavoring.

I went to the spare bedroom which will become my training gym for the next ten days.

About to lift 1.5 kgs.

I was going to use the Clean and Jerk method for lifting my weights.

It was just too heavy for me and I fell over.

With the weights on top of me, I couldn’t get up!

I was stuck!!!

I was stuck and I had to wait for my Auntie to come home from work to help me up.

I had failed and I failed big time. But I still got nine more training days to get myself up to Olympic standard and to win that medal for my country.

To be continued….

For more information on the London 2012 Olympics please visit: