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Scuba Diving

Me packing for my scuba diving trip to Malta and Gozo

Next week I am off to Malta and Gozo for some scuba diving and sunshine.


A map of Malta and Gozo.

After a hard few months working at the barracks beasting my new recruits, I need the break.

I am looking forward to the sunshine as my last holiday was brrrrr freezing. I want to top up my wee cotton fur suntan, it will make me look sexy to the ladies.

This is a picture of me packing my scuba diving gear for my trip.

Me packing my scuba diving gear.

The picture shows my scuba diving gear and also a pack of condoms as I am hoping to pull some Maltese monkey cuddly toys inbetween my dives.

I will be away for two weeks, so I will get plenty of dives in and also do some sea kayaking along Gozo amazing sea cliff formations.

Whilst I am away, please remember that we have a competition running at the moment.

The current  “Where’s monkey” competition is here: https://britisharmysgtmonkey.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/competition-wheres-monkey-2/

An amazing prize can be won in this competition so get entering.

Our guest celebrity judge for this competition is Simon Cowell and the closing date is June 30th.


My travels to Thailand 2010 – part 4

Today I was going to the eastward coastline for some scuba diving. This was to be done as a day trip from Bangkok. Around Bangkok is only a few dive sites. Today I was heading by boat to Koh Krak. It is not in the league of the dive sites in Southern Thailand such as the Similan Islands but it is convenient as a day trip from Bangkok.

The bow of the boat.

As is typical in Thailand, the sea was rough.

It was a bumpy ride to the dive site.

I planned on two dives at the island. Each diving down to approximately 12 metres.

I was glad that I was able to stay in the shade on this boat.

Getting ready for the dive.

Getting ready for the dive.

Anchoring at the dive site.

The sea was rough for diving.

After the dives, I had a wee look around the beach for the sunset before heading back to Bangkok via minibus.

My last night in Thailand before flying to Nepal.

It was a beautiful night.

Back in Bangkok I was going to enjoy my last night in town.

It is hard to escape McDonalds regardless what country one travel to.

I really like the street food in Thailand and despite what the guide books say, I never had to run for the toilet afterwards.

A typical street food stall.

Bangkok is famous for it street food.

Having a beer on my last night.

I was due to fly to Kathmandu the next day.

The Thaiair plane for Kathmandu.

I was able to get a upgrade to business class on this flight. I guess the Thaiair Stewardess like cuddly toy travellers.

Leaving Bangkok on route to Kathmandu.

I arrived in Kathmandu ready for my adventure to Mt. Everest.

For more information on my travels to Nepal please visit:


My trip to Egypt in 2010 – part 2

Today I was going to learn scuba diving in the Red Sea. I have never been scuba diving before as the diving equipment weighs 15kgs, that is 60 times my own body weight. But, my instructor ensure me that the equipment will be weightless whilst underwater, and he would help me jump into the sea with the equipment on. He said he will throw me off the jetty!

Me in my diving gear.

The equipment was heavy but I was keen to try out my new sport. It is a shame that they don’t make diving equipment for someone who is 30 cms tall.

I was ready to be thrown into the sea!

I was glad to be learning in the Red Sea. The sea temperature was 20 degrees and had good visability. The Red Sea is home to many tropical fish and *ahem* sharks.

This little box fish was hiding from me.

The coral around Dahab was nice.

This pipe fish was a metre long, that was bigger than me!

After two dives, I was knackered with all this learning. So I went for a Egyptian Tea.

I needed the tea.

The scuba diving course was four days. I passed out with my open water licence thus becoming a qualified cuddly toy diver.

The next day, I needed a rest. So, I spent the day on the sun bed soaking up the rays.

I wanted a sexy tan for my cotton fur.

I did looked cool with my Oakley sunglasses on.

These glasses made me look cool for the chicks.

The next two days, I was going to be trekking in the Sinai Mountains.

To be continued….

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