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My travels to the Italian Alps

Today I am going to talk about my recent trip last week up the Italian Alps.

Looking out of my hotel window in the mountain village of Chiesa

We had stayed in the village of Chiesa high up in the Italian Alps very close to the border to Switzerland. It was hot on our first day, with 28 degrees and clear blue skies.

The next day we had decided to go trekking but it was forecast to be very cold and wet. But you know me…. I am a tough little monkey.

The start of the trek was up a cable car that took us up to an altitude of 2000m above sea level. The village of Chiesa was at 1000m altitude, so the cable car was 1000m up!

Going up the cable car

When we got to the top we had a good look at the scenery before we started our trek. It was still sunny at this time, but it was going to get cloudy and wet later on.

The stunning view from the top

We had decided to follow a little track along side a mountain river that was going to take us to a glacier. By the time we had got to the river, the clouds descended and it began to rain.

Trekking up the mountain track towards the glacier

With some relief we found shelter in a Italian Alps style refuge, where we were able to order hot tea.

Arriving at the refuge for a hot tea

After a little hot cuppa of tea, we headed off again towards the glacier.

The view of the glacier from the refuge

It was raining very heavy at this time.

Coming up to the ridge that approaches the glacier

The final approach to the glacier was via walking along side a ridge which was very steep and rocky.

At the top of the ridge line looking down onto the icy glacier

Because of the poor weather and the fact that the terrain was now very slippy for my poor wee feet, when we got to the top of the ridge line, we decided to head back to the refuge for a hot dinner.

Sitting down to a well deserve hot Italian dinner served by the Mamma!

The refuge served us a lovely Italian dinner which was served to us by the big Mamma lady! Then they locked us into a room with thirty choir singers! Mamma had locked us in….

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