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The MONKEY PARTY campaign for the Local Elections – part 8

Today our wee monkey was busy intimidating voters to vote for him. The Monkey Party campaign team recruited the local street gang “da boyz” to help him persade voters to vote for him. They used unreasonable levels of force to get the voters to vote for him.

All across the UK people like you were voting.

Some voters required a severe kicking as they were harder to persade (must be the Labour supporters).

The Monkey Party campaign team were out on the streets today persading voters to vote for us.

Because of our dirty tactics, we at the Monkey Party HQs expect major victories tomorrow when the results are announce.

Our wee monkey is a very intelligent cuddly toy, he wrote this letter all by himself.

With three hours left in the polls, if you had not voted yet – please get to the polling stations and VOTE MONKEY for a better Britain.

The Monkey Party secretary


The MONKEY PARTY campaign for the Local Elections – part 7

Tomorrow is the UK Local Elections 2012. This is your chance to stick your two fingers up to the three in one party LABLIBCON.  Our ruling politicians had failed us. They are corrupt, they fiddle whilst Rome burns. Too busy filing expenses form whilst we the people rot with high unemployment and national debt! It is time to replace our government with a cuddly toy. Our wee monkey doesn’t speak, doesn’t move or make any expressions but we do know one thing for sure – he will do a better job of running over councils than any LABLIBCON politician.

People like you are voting MONKEY.

Tomorrow vote the MONKEY PARTY for a better Britain.

Exit polls are showing a massive increase in the popularity of the MONKEY PARTY.

The Monkey Party Secretary.