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Britain is OFFICIALLY out of a recession – the Monkey Party response

Today news by the ONS that the UK is officially out of the recession is whoopppieee news. For many the sufferring was hard and long – many of us lost our jobs and our businesses. The recession was long, in fact too long. Five years of hardship.

Our wee monkey spent the afternoon in his office writing letters and emails.

We at the MONKEY PARTY welcome this news spin that good old blighty is now on the mend.

Our Prime Minister did it – he got us out of the recession. What a smashing fellow he is, a cracking great Prime Minister. It appears that the last three years – we at the MONKEY PARTY were wrong to criticise our numpty Prime Minister David Cameron. We doubt his ability to get Britain growing again, we made a mockery of him and we oppose his policies – but hey, he did it! He got Britain out of the recession. We were wrong to criticise him.

We at the MONKEY PARTY had written a letter to the Prime Minister. It reads:


“Dear Dave,

You did it, you smashing old crack pot. You got blighty growing again.

Can we join your conservative party and form a alliance!


Sgt. Monkey

Leader of the Monkey Party”


Yes that right, we at the Monkey Party are willing to merge with the conservatives to form the new MONKEY TOFFS PARTY.

For all the wrongs the Torys had, we criticise them and mock them – but we now know what a smashing bunch of fellows those damn Eton boys are.

The Monkey Party secretary


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